Hamphsire is Getting Helped by Fidel Edwards

Fidel Edwards

At the Ageas Bowl in 2015, nine-wicket has been taken by Fidel Edwards in Hampshire beat Warwickshire. They won the County Championship victory after taken the 216 runs. Two of the four morning scalps has been taken by the West Indian fast bowler. The Hampshire’s victory won with 21 points. It also becomes an ending for Warwickshire’s hopes to get the Championship crown from Yorkshire. Rikki Clarke provides strong resistance on the third day. At that moment she appeared suddenly and immediately flicked the first ball through the leg side twice. He decided to do a fourth ball’s shot on that day but he lose Joe Gatting at mid wicket.

One of the messages given Hampshire team is: If you miss, http://jencks.org will hit. They send the message to the Sussex team on the penultimate day of the season. Sussex knows if the game this time, a score draw was enough to save them from relegation defeat. But with the mental condition Hampshire ready to beat Nottinghamshire at Trent Bridge, the Sussex is definitely haunted by defeat would be catastrophic for their team.

Hampshire has a chance to win on the third day in Nottingham, cutting the first-innings deficit of only 14 that have 89 to five, then bowling the hosts to 185 and set off their target of 200 on a gallop. Michael Carberry and Jimmy Adams gave a score of 89 without loss on closing, thanks to some sharp run and raft boundary. Stuart Broad is very expensive, acknowledges the limits in each of his three agen judi bola over.


Nottinghamshire defeats will surrender second place to Middlesex. Edwards bowled with reverse swing to Nottinghamshire intestine after a good start, with Brendan Taylor made 90 just to try hit Liam Dawson inside out and find the mid off.

Carberry and Adams trying to survive to make Hampshire can control the game. But outside of victory they have achieved, they do not have a good control system on their Division One. This was clearly illustrated in the match held at Headingley, in which all three results remain possible but Sussex do not have the drive to win. Steve Magoffin fascinated by the performance of Gary Ballance but stable performance of the middle order Yorkshire buries their expectations. Yorkshire lost five scores before Tim Bresnan led them to lead from the score of 301. Sussex has faltered in recent weeks.

After Somerset has been sealed with a flurry of wickets, they take the gas at Taunton. That is the place of Warwickshire to overturn the deficit of 114-run first-innings. Jeetan Patel made 98 before Jack Leach’s seventh wicket is coming, his compatriot Luke Ronchi stumped, and then seven wickets were taken by Patel of his own as Somerset. They bundle out for 110 in 34 over. Through 11 over unscathed in response has been made by Warwickshire. In Division Two, Jimmy Anderson has been registered as best figures for Lancashire. He picking up Essex’s with last three wickets but he hopes that the title drifted at Chelmsford.

Rex Ryan Defense for Penalties

rex ryan

Rex Ryan is a defiant payer that puts up a good defense for Buffalo Bills. This attempt is made after the team loses their game 24-10 at Sunday. The loss is happened at the game against the New York Giants. He is seen to pound the podium in several occasions and tells his player to keep fighting. Some penalties have to be part of this game which is suddenly happened to the Buffalo.

A coach from Giants, Tom Coughlin put down directions to his player and said that Bills would be lost eventually for performing too much penalties. Such comment is reported by Dan Graziano from ESPN. There is a good record for Bills in making penalty. In the beginning they manage to make 293 yards worth of penalties. Their loss in week two to New England Patriots is embellished with 14 flag during the course of the game. They accumulated yards of penalty are at the first position in NFL.

Ryan on Sunday’s game made a comment that he understands the tendency. He doesn’t need to doubt that people would obviously focus on these things and there is nothing really wrong about it. This thought is obviously logical since the most interesting part of everything is the negative ones. But for a journalist job this can be misleading since they only saw the situation on different side with players and coach. It is easy to be trapped in this view and create all negative reasons from the spectacle. At the Ravens Ryan also made more than 20 penalties in their performance. At the time they manage to fix the situation and the same thing will also happened in this team.

Due to their penalties the Bills have to suffer two penalties that annulled by the referee. Ryan comments, that 14 point loss doesn’t change the outcomes of the game. Ryan said that the reason of their lost isn’t because the two called back touchdowns. The situation does set them back but it doesn’t make the main reason for them losing the game. In the Bills locker room players are making questions about official calls, Kyle Williams defensive tackle are include in it.

To the question of their penalized reputation Williams give a respond that admits the achievement of a team with the most penalties. At the game in the fourth quarter Preston Brown he linebacker makes 15 yard damage while ripping the ball out. On the process he is applying and elbow force on the opponent. Such reputation and situation does induce a tendency to make more accusation of penalties. The events of penalties are expected and punishment were placed without necessarily consider the legitimation of such actions. Once the penalty happened everything will seems to be wrong since they look at it with tendencies. The same tone is also said by other linebacker Nigel Bradham. He said that officials have made several penalties that actually questionable. Jerry Hughes admits that he got frustrated with the tendency of officials to put them on the bad side.

Jenson Button’s Strives for McLaren End


This week is somehow tragic particularly for Button. The McLaren driver should suffer several loses in previous matches and it is definitely devastating. He is really disappointed from losing too many reaches, and basically he could not do anything to fight back. It is due to the fact that he lost the because of engine failure or other mechanical means. Indeed, there is one battle where he was penalized due to colliding his frontier. However, most of the time, mechanical matter was the greatest contributors for his defeat. As a world champion, it is impossible for him to drop his performance so that he could lost in 14th position especially in the last race. Even though Ferrari is imbued with new package of engine capable in generating more 20 horsepower engine, it is practically impossible to beat McLaren that easy. There should be something unexplained behind this situation.

The companion with Honda actually is crucial for solving such problem. Talking about engine manufacturing, Honda is regarded negatively because of inefficiency and unfriendly towards environment. Diesel emission is the crucial problem happening to this manufacture. This is a problematic thing to happen and that is why there was a meeting between racing director and Honda. This is actually the only beginning of what happening within the team. Moreover, there is also another problem related to the performance of the driver. Since losing too many races, the chance for winning the championship is definitely reduced significantly. Some sponsors i.e. Red Bull wants to alter the support to other team. Volkswagen is one of the possibilities and it definitely will hamper further engine development of the McLaren-Honda.

Regardless of the current condition related to engine, McLaren really does not want to make Button disappointed even more. That is why there is a clarification that the condition happening to the last race is because of weather condition – which should not be reason at all. It is claimed that the next race in the Japan should not be problematic because the weather is cooler and thus more friendly to engine. It actually makes sense, but Button does not seem be affected. He said that he is definitely not confident for the next race because he obviously does not the condition of the car. There will be no improvement – especially for himself – if the car is still unknown.

It is presumed that Button will quit racing especially for McLaren, and he will declare it during Japanese season in near future. However, it is still unclear about his decision as he only mentioned that there would be something unknown in the future. Indeed, there is always possibility and it is about to be witnessed soon. What can be seen from his statements over time this weekend, it is impossible for him to continue the race. Moreover, with current car condition it is unlikely that he could perform better on the track. Regardless of what happening between two parties, he will maintain good communication and relationship for the sake of future.

Sebastian Vettel: Great Obstacle in F1 for Mercedes

Sebastian Vettel

49 points away from Hamilton, it is highly possible that Vettel will rank up to first position in the chalkboard. Having won several continuous titles, Hamilton should be able to retain his position for the next 6 incoming battle. It is definitely not an easy way concerning engine package of Ferrari that has been improved. Though it is only additional 20 horsepower, it should deliver great impact towards the tide of race. It is basically the first step on how difficult it is to retain the title for the next champion. There is another reason why it is quite difficult for him to have the title, and it is all about technical problem forcing him to stop from continuing race in Marina Bay Street Circuit.

Last winning threat from Vettel was in Singapore, and it encourages Hamilton to perform better in the next track. Actually the intense competition has been there for quite long time especially in the race for Malaysia and Hungary. From that point forward, Hamilton strives quite hard for achieving victory and that is what he owns now 49 points of gap. In his statement, he does not focus only for beating Vettel, but it is also applicable to other racers. It is a wise thing to do because others have considerable potential to be in the first place as well. It is basically a great sport that should be enjoyed, and that is what Hamilton will do with all his might.

Actually the Singapore battle was really crucial. However, it was not executed quite well. We all know that Mercedes is always in upper position when it comes to races especially for the last-two-year championship. However, it is important to know that there is something wrong in Mercedes. In the last race, the tire is regarded as main problem as it is not suitable with the package. There was also a problem in engine making him to stop for good in the race. Regardless of current condition which still cannot be speculated to have continuous effect, he will try to race in Japan together with his auto. He is also encouraged by being provided solutions to problems by the team. However, it was still not clear at all.

After all, he decided to focus on the next battle. He believes that what happened in Singapore is not relevant for domino effect. It was the only problem and it would not be repeated as he reported. As the word of cautions, he will try to make sure for performing excellently in next races especially against Ferrari. Indeed, Ferrari is always a good team, and there is no space for being careless. Indeed, there are only two persons who are able to catch him up in the championship. One of them is his teammate known as Nico Rosberg, and the other is definitely Sebastian Vettel. Both of them are practically potential threat for acquiring and maintaining victory for all this time. They will not look back to what happened in last race, and it is what motivates them to beat Ferrari for good.

Fury and Klitschko about Calf Injury

fury klitsckho

Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko are two of the best boxing players in the world. The two names are not a new comer in boxing area. Everybody knows both men very well especially for boxing lovers. Both Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko have their own achievements in boxing. In every championship Tyson Fury always does his best. He wants to prove that he can be the best boxing player in the world. He wants to change people’s mind about boxing. In some previous boxing, he gets a bad image. It happened because there are many bad issues about boxing and its credibility.


The same action is shown by Wladimir Klitschko, a man who dedicates his life for boxing. For this 39 years old man, boxing is a part of his life. Living in boxing area and fighting are a part of his life cycle. It is not a big problem when he must lose. The most important is how to make a boxing become a true boxing and removing all bad issues about boxing itself. Wladimir wants to be the best boxing player in the best boxing championship. That’s why Wladimir spends his life to be a boxing player. He believes that latter boxing championship can be the best championship without any bad gossip or issue that gives a bad image for boxing.


Both Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko are good in boxing championship. They will meet on 24th of October. Fighting area will be the best place for them. A fighting between Wladimir Klitschko (39) and Tyson Fury (27) will be the most interesting fighting. A boxing lovers especially Klitschko fans and Tyson Fury’s fans are waiting for this moment. They want to be a part of this championship. Unfortunately, something happens with a 39 years old boxing player, Wladimir Klitschko. Wladimir Klitschko got a calf injury. He must pull of the 24 October fight with Fury.


A 39 years old boxing man, Wladimir Klitschko must retain his title i.e. WBO, WBA and IBF heavyweight by fighting against a Britain’s Tyson Fury. The championship will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany, and is should have been an interesting fight to watch. Fury, 27 years old British boxing player stated in this tweet that the championship is so funny. It is practically never be expected that it would happen. Fury also added one emoji of old man meaning to tease Wladimir. Klitschko answered an incredibly sorry. It is added in video message as well. Klitschko said that both him and Fury work hard in the rescheduling.


The fight between Wladimir Klitschko and Tyson Fury would be about record breaking of 28th heavyweight title for Wladimir Klitschko. It is also the 19th defense of him as the leader of the champion. In November after forcing his fellow Briton Dereck Chisora to surrender, David Haye as a potential rival also surrendered September because of a serious cut. Two months later, David was completely unable to continue fighting because of shoulder injury. In July 2011 Wladimir Klitschko secured the victory against Haye because of public assumption of injury as well.


Smash World Cup: Wales V England

Smash World Cup

On 15 August 2015 a test debut between England against France will be made by Sam Burgess at Twickenham. England and France are the teams which get a bad mark in world cup. Both England and France have their fans. As people know that in this day England is one of a biggest team in the world. England has many talented players. Besides, all players are always discipline. They always do a training with their coach. They spend their time in the field. England football players always keep them healthy. Health is important to support for their performance in the field.


Same with England, France does the same thing. France always presents the best from them. They choose most multitalented football players. France can be classified as a good football team in the world. France football team has their fans. Fans for a football team needed to make their team have a soul. Fans for a football team are volunteers who always support the football team in every championship. When a football team has a great and solid supporter they will give the best for their supporter.


Wales wants literally to smash rookie deployed in the center namely Sam Burgess. There will be no difference from him and the rest of England team. Honestly it will make the England football team’s supporter feel so sad if there is a bad thing happens to England team. However, it is basically a hard game to play. A direct statement was stated by Warren Gatland. He said that Wales is serious about the smash the Rookie Sam Burgess. Both France and England are to meet in the Saturday’s World cup Pool A. The match will be held in Twickenham. Twickenham is the most suitable place for this match. The kickoff is exactly 20:00 BST. 20:00 BST, and it is also the best time because in this time football player are in their best condition. They can present the best performance in the championship. Moreover the supporter also can give their time to support their team because at 20:00 they are off from their daily activities.


Burgess 26 years old has played only for 112 minutes of the International rugby union and he is basically comparable to opposite Jamie Robert. Jamie Robert is a man who has seventy Wales caps. Gatland said that they do not want to neglect a single out the Sam Burgess. Gatland also said that they will be going out to the Twickenham to smash Sam Burgess like everyone else. Gatland thinks that a there has been enough experience for Burgess to complete the match.


Wales coach said that Burgess does not have enough experience for such big occasion. However, he will not consider this young man as baby because it may be so dangerous. It can be weakness for Wales as one person may devastate everything if not concerned. He underlines that it is not a wise thing if leaving one person behind. If the football official underestimates a player, the effect will be so serious in the end.


The 2015 NBA MVP, Stephen Curry, Signs Exclusive Memorabilia Deal with Fanatics Authentic

Stephen Curry

One of the greatest shooters in National Basketball Association history, Stephen Curry, has deal with Fanatics Authentic, a largest company which sells sport licensed merchandise to sign an exclusive memorabilia and autograph. Nonetheless, the term of the deal is not disclosed. As one of the famous basketball player who currently playing as the point guard of Golden State Warriors, becoming partner with him will be a great deal for Fanatics Authentic. Moreover, after he was titled as the Most Valuable Player and the other title which make his name even greater, it is unquestionable that there will be more fans who want to have authentic memorabilia from him.


It just the same with what the executive vice president of Fanatics Authentic, Victor Shaffer, has said. He said that it is clear that after the 2015 NBA Most Valuable Player or MVP title of him, the rate of the orders for his exclusive signature and memorabilia is increasing. There is no mistake that his fan base certainly expanding much more than the traditional markets.


The Fanatics Authentic President, Ross Tannenbaum seems excited too with this deal as he said that Curry is certainly not only one of the greatest players in basketball, but also a kind of extraordinary person who can be proud of. On the other side, Curry has also a big deal as he partners with Fanatics. He said that they are the most credible source in this business to serve signed memorabilia for his fans. Then, by working with this company, Curry will have a chance to offer a great stuff for his fans.


Presently, Fanatics Authentic is selling a photograph signed by Curry in 8×10 inches for $200 and then for a ball signed by him is cost $400. Then, in the new deal that they have made, they will also offer signed jerseys and shoes as well as game-used collection of Curry which is guaranteed as authentic stuff. Nevertheless, Curry can be a kind of challenge for Fanatics Authentic too, since he is outstanding as one of the friendliest signers in sport. And actually, the contract made by Curry and Authentic makes him possible to sign for free for his fans. According to Shaffer, his side does not prevent him to give some signatures for his fans in a game or in a time he is possible to face his fans. Thus, Curry can keep his fans to be happy.


Moreover, that can be a challenge too when it deals with the kind of Curry’s autograph. Curry actually begins his signature with such a short one, while most other autograph usually makes a big letter ‘C’ on it. When talking about Stephen Curry, he certainly becomes the beloved one for the world of sports business especially after his club’s finals victory in the last season. Recently, as Under Armour’s representative, he signs by 2024 and then his jersey which he wore in the Game 1 of NBA Final has been sold for $22,000 in an auction.

Thompson Has Lowered His Contract Demand; the Cavs Has not Agreed the Deal Yet

Tristan Thompson

To retain Tristan Thompson seems to be the main priority of Cleveland Cavaliers in this offseason. Instead of having a long term contract in The Cavs, Tristan is actually expecting for having qualifying offer in one year. However, after remaining stagnant situation about this contract, a new rumour has found about the certainty of this deal.


As reported by Chris Broussard, ESPN’s, Tristan Thomson has willing to sign his new contract at $53 million to stay in Cleveland Cavaliers for three years. As it is reported by the league sources, he has actually lowered his demands to this deal which he originally demands for a five year contract at $94 million. On the other hand, The Cavs side have not agreed with this proposal yet although the Tristan’s side has lowered their proposal. Then, they have assessed it in the Thursday night, however they decide to have neither rejected it nor accepted it.


According to Kim Klement from USA Today Sports, as one of the best players in Cleveland Cavaliers, Tristan Thomson has played for 308 successive games and then has averaged 8.4 rebounds and 10.1 points in overall games he played in four years of his career. Furthermore, since this deal has been reported by ESPN that The Cavs and Thompson had agreed with the three year proposal based on some sources, it has been declined as untrue story by the general manager of Cleveland Cavaliers because it has not been discussed again.


According to David Griffin, the general manager of Cleveland, as he told it to Dave McMenamin from ESPN, he said that any news about the pending signing is not true. Then, the agent, Rich Paul, has ordered his client to give any signature in the specific term of contract is actually never been discussed. Another source reveal that previously, The Cavs has offered five years contract at $80 million while Thompson has been searching for a contract at $94 million for the same period. This story has been revealed on Monday by one of ESPN’s, Brian Windhorst.


Moreover, if by the end of this week there is no deal which has been reached, Thompson is looked forward to sign the one year eligible offer for $6.8 million by the Cavs and then he will become unrestricted free agent for the next year. In the last month, according to what his agent talked to the ESPN, if Tristan Thompson signs that one year deal, he would not sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers’s long term contract again in 2016 when his salary may increase at least for about 30 percent.


Actually, Thompson is one of the essential players for The Cavs since in the last season he went to the finals of NBA. With his appearance in 308 successive games for The Cavs and his average 10.1 points and also 8.4 rebounds in his career for four years, he saw that his stock roars when he achieved 10.8 rebounds and 9.6 points in average for his last season’s games.

Henrik Stenson, a part of “Doomsday Scenario” at the 2015 Tour Championship

henrik stenson

People may say that there was no one who was able to control their destiny. Actually, this definition must be true since destiny cannot be controlled that way. However, Henrik Stenson, one of the best golf player who now stands as one of the five leading players in FedEx Cup points, he seems can control his outcome in this championship. It can be accurate that he will be able to get $10 million for the first place bonus in the Tour Championship this week.


Similar with the last two years when Henrik Stenson succeed in the end of the season, if he can win this weekend’s tournament, he will gain his victory in the playoff series too. Begin with a good starting point with impressive opening round play; he ends 7-under 63, to head into the game in Friday. Whether it becomes the most worthwhile system or not actually becomes a case to debate by everyone. Some people are going to say that both of Jordan Spieth and Jason Day deserves to get all of the title in this tournament rather than someone who has never won the game by this point. However, other can reveal that, just like the other sports, playoff games is not always win the best club or team. Thus, here is all about the timing.


Whatever side you are belonged, the main point is actually simple; if Stenson becomes the winner of tis week championship, he will win it overall. Nonetheless, there is also another possibility. Just call it as the scenario of doomsday for the PGA Tour. It becomes the one that Stenson can get the FedEx Cup winner title without having to be winner in the final tournament. As a matter of fact, he is able to become the winner of FedEx Cup without ever being the winner in the season at all.


Just try to create the conclusion of this season tournament, if by any case Stenson finishes in solo second place this week; he will get the $10 million as the winner in the case if Jason Day, Jordan Spieth, Bubba Watson, Dustin, Johnson, Charley Hoffman, Rickie Fowler or Zach Johnson does not win their tournament. Then, if he finishes the solo second and Daniel Berger wins, there will be a playoff. Then, if he finishes in the other ways, it may change this possible scenario.


It must be sound confusing. On the other hand, Stenson can be the winner of the FedEx Cup if he can finish in solo third too. Then, the following cases may happen like this; Jason finishes fourteenth or worse, Jordan finishes sixth or may be worse, Fowler is fourth or worse, and then the winner can be either Brandt Snedeker, Brooks Koepka, Sang-Moon Bae, Steven Bowditch, Harris English, Bill Hans, or Kevin Na. Stenson also struggled to articulate every possible outcome besides only simply win this tournament. As he said, he had seen before he actually came to here then he found out that there is worthy chance if he can solo second.

Brisbane VS Sydney head-to-head Review

Brisbane VS Sydney

Suncorp Stadium was quite hectic last night because of fight between Broncos and Roosters. Broncos standing for Brisbane had their own artillery for denying their enemies, and that was what they wanted to proof last night. The defense did not seem encouraging for the Roosters since the Sydney was damaged overtime until the end of the match. It is quite entertaining to see what had been performed by both teams for reviewing the last match.

First of all, it is all about the army composition. The Rooster is definitely great and it should have overwhelmed the opposition team. They are full of international players who cannot be denied their eligibility. In addition, Michael Jennings is supposed to be like a roadster and is absolutely very important person in the game. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck is completing him because of his amazing durable feet on the field. There are still many other players contributing to every match previously such as Daniel Tupou, Shaun Kenny-Dowall which is also excellent players to be in the team. However, it is still not enough since there are still more competent players. Going to the back part, there are Boyd Cordner, Mitchell Aubusson, and Aidan Guerra. As defenders they need to be assisted by other more men, and here it comes Jackson Hastings. He is regarded as the last effort when everything goes bad.

Indeed, the team is absolutely very solid. However, the opponent, the Broncos, is just not forgiving with their composition. The defense is trusted by Darius Boyd, Anthony Milford, Ben Hunt, Justin Hodges, and Jack Reed. Those people are basically threats especially when the Roosters come in defense line. Though the defense is great, the attack is also dependable. It really seems that the attacker will get something after colliding with enemies.

The second point will be about special factor that is owned by each team. The Broncos is better in this position. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck or known as RTS has made several line breaks which are definitely the most contributing action within the game. His meters is also more than the others members making him the X-factor for Broncos. It is also worth noting that there is the flash within the team in the body of Jennings. Both players are basically the most dangerous and threating players for the team.

Anything related to the team is not enough. There should be something more as the reason why they should fight for. It is true that it is all about supporter in every game. Basically it can be considered equal. However, one should have greater supporters ever. It should be obvious as the game is supposed for Broncos in Suncorp Stadium. The Roosters should fight against two layer of defense i.e. the real defense and supportive defense from the Brisbane. It is absolutely quite tricky when breaking down several elements occurred in the last-night battle. However, it is obvious that Broncos won the battle with several elements mentioned above. In the end, the improvement is significantly needed for both team for more entertaining match in the future.

The 10 Northamptonshire Wickets Has Been Claimed by Tom and Sam Curran

sam curran

A breakthrough season like 20-year-old Tom Curran’s can become anyone standard. With 74 wickets, all delivered with swing, zip, pace and skid are pretty good. The 17-year-old brother, of Currans, Sam, is the youngest player and a veritable superstar to take five wickets on Championship debut. He also has an accomplished and stylish bat. He’s old enough to buy himself a beer event he have boyish face that usually betrays bucket loads of bottle. That all happened before which he is notable given Surrey that had a title to celebrate on Friday.

The youth and precocity of Sam is obscuring the Tom’s superb season. England Under-19 call-up is already improving further on that day. The 10 wickets in an innings have been taken with a pair of small band brothers. At the second time, he picked up seven. In this season, he struck in his first over as Northamptonshire. Sam’s shadow has been emerged from him, where he often brilliantly operated since mid-July. The arm of advisory is never far from his younger brother’s shoulder.

He skips through his action when he approach the rhythmically of crease with strong forward lean. He flings a movement of pronounced in the air and the pitches have been touched off. The handling of Northamptonshire was too far and too hot. He ran out of partners after Sam’s elegant 61 had ended. He get chip with 3 wickets that not claimed. Their late career of father Kevin is a defining feature. His famous role in Zimbabwe 1983 wins over from Australia. That was happy to trait that have inherited and inability game for long to remain out.

Charlie and Jack Oakes were the last precedents for the brothers the Championship. They do in 1950 when Sussex against Somerset. Bernard and Nicolas Scholtz already achieved the championship in 2011 for Namibia against Kwa Zulu Natal. That becomes a great surprise for Currans were to pulling off. Tom work setting up a procession immediately when Ben Duckett and Gary Wilson in flashing and diving into left side while Alex Wakely is trapping in the front plumb. Rob Newton feels like unlucky to give a leg to Sam. Rob Keogh drive with loose to Tom and get slipped second time in edged.